Staff to Child Ratio 1:8

We offer an exceptional preschool program that truly gives your child a holistic head start. With a structured schedule including a variety of subject areas and experiences, the children become accustomed to the expectations of kindergarten and beyond. Our curriculum incorporates open-ended Learning Through Play with teacher-led learning opportunities.

Your child’s creativity will blossom as they engage in music and the arts on a daily basis. A strong academic foundation will be set as your child progresses from alphabet recognition, to writing every letter, and eventually pairing letters and sounds together to demonstrate early reading skills. Our Book Buddy program encourages a partnership with families to practice reading at home, followed by a peer sharing circle at school.  The math program begins with number recognition and counting and leads to basic addition and subtraction by the end of their time in preschool. Your child will be exposed to technology, baking/cooking and vast selection of fine and gross motor activities to ensure their cognitive and physical development are advancing daily.

A key aspect of our Preschool Program is learning social etiquette that will set your child above the bar. Our routines encourage manners, independence, problem-solving skills, self-regulation, a sense of community, and above all, a love of learning!